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  • Mayo on Displayo

    A museum in Japan devoted entirely to mayonnaise prompts Anthony and Jeff to discuss the proper ways to consume condiments, the joys of seeing mundane “attractions”, and the usefulness of obsession.  Also, Indiana Jones shows up.

    If you like the …


  • Follow Your Dreeeeeeam!

    An article about how one Chinese gamer turned his “gaming addiction” into a profitable business prompts Anthony and Jeff to discuss dreams, responsibility, passion, and choosing the right career.  Also, Sir Patrick Stewart’s hidden love of crude oil.

    This show …


  • Biome Sweet Home

    There is evidence to suggest that a microbe that lives inside the human stomache may be the key to ending deadly peanut allergies.  Indeed, the microbiome that each of us carries around all the time may have far more to …


  • Robo Baby Buggy Bumpers

    Several high profile colleges have teamed up to create a universal index of basic knowledge for robots.  The theory is that robot brains will need to know how to process even the most elementary interactions with everyday objects, and one …


  • Know More Data

    Plug your email address into a particular part of Google and you’ll see a map of everywhere you (and your smartphone) have been in the last month.  Anthony isn’t surprised and thinks anyone who is worried must be 70 years …


  • Free Monkey Smiles

    When a monkey grabbed his camera in Indonesia, snapped the perfect selfie, and the photo went viral, British photojournalist David Slater assumed he’d make a pretty penny from the iconic image.  But the in a 1,222 page report, the US …


  • Immortality Transfusion

    Researchers in California are planning to treat Alzheimer patients by replacing their blood with blood of young people.  Even crazier, there is reason to believe it may work, since old mice have become healthier and more youthful when their circulatory …


  • Like This

    A writer for Wired clicked ‘like’ on every single article, update, or advertisement that Facebook presented to him over the course of two days, and described what it did to his feed. It turns out, the algorithm can go pretty …


  • Welcome to the Hoverboard Future

    The “impossible” propulsion drive, which uses microwaves and invisible matter to theoretically power space travel – and which seems to violate the laws of physics, has actually been validated by NASA.  This causes Jeff to go bananas, dreaming of a …


  • Salmon Fodder

    Humans controlling waterways by building dams has caused major problems for salmon, who must return to fresh water to breed. But a new company – Whooshh Innovations (not making that up) – has developed a better way to help salmon …


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