Tag: fasting

  • Don’t Get Hangry

    With calorie limiting diet fads like intermittent fasting spreading in popularity on the Internet, researchers have started looking into the effects that not eating has, not just on the body, but on the mood. Anthony and Jeff take a look at the data to determine whether skipping meals is really worth it. [more]

  • What’s in a Name and Slowing Dopamine Fasts

    The maluma-takete effect is the perception that certain kinds of sounds should be attributed to certain physical features. Sonorant sounds like you find in o and b and m tend to be related to rounder, softer, and more generous qualities, while shorter sounds like you find in k, t, or i are associated with spiky, more outgoing traits. Jeff and Anthony discuss this phenomenon and try to decide if they have the right kinds of sounds in their own names. Then, a new trend has developed in Silicone Valley of Dopamine Fasting. Is it based on science or pseudo-science? Anthony and Jeff dig into the evidence. [more]

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