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  • Third Thumb with Dr. Shannon Odell

    Researchers trained people to use a robotic extra thumb and found they could effectively carry out dexterous tasks in only a few hours. Doctor of Neuroscience Shannon Odell joins Anthony and Jeff to share her expertise about how the brain could be handling this new appendage. Then, she sticks around to answer questions from our Patrons! [more]

  • One Last One Fermi

    The sheer abundance of stars in the universe suggests that, somewhere, an intelligent lifeform should be warming itself on a distant planet. Even if life evolves rarely, ET should be phoning. Yet, by all appearances, humanity seems to be flying solo in our galaxy, and perhaps the universe. Many solutions have been proposed to solve this riddle, known as the Fermi Paradox. Researchers of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute believe It’s likely intelligent life doesn’t exist at all, outside of Earth. Jeff and Anthony think we're lacking supporting evidence of such. [more]

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