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  • Werewolves are Real, and We Can’t Leave the Planet

    Some people really believe they are in the process of changing into a wolf. There have been 13 case reports of such people since 1850, and according to a psychiatric report released in March 2019, a South Florida man, accused of murdering a couple and chewing on the face of one, suffered from “clinical lycanthropy delusions.” Anthony and Jeff discuss what it must be like to be convinced you're a werewolf, and which animal they'd rather be convinced they were. Then, Jeff and Anthony always knew space was trying to kill them, but the NASA Human Research Roadmap has identified thirty-four known health risks and 233 “gaps” in the knowledge of risks. The guys re-assess their desire to leave Earth in light of this very specific information. [more]

  • Smite Angle

    Hampshire's Ipley Cross is a notorious crossroads where cyclists keep getting hit and even killed by motorists, despite the mostly level terrain around the place where two roads cross each other at a seemingly innocuous angle. A navigational hazard called "constant bearing, decreasing range" means that frequently, the first time a driver and a cyclist will see each other is a second or two before the car strikes the bicycle. Jeff and Anthony take the issue head on. [more]

  • Better Know a Brock

    In this very special episode on We Have Concerns, we talk about the plight of an actual Brock: Brock Leads, a young man from the UK who was playing on a cliff when a disaster of cartoonish proportions struck. Are kids just naturally attracted to danger? Have you ever played "Box and Hill?" [more]

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