Tag: advertising

  • The Ads of Your Dreams and Evolving Culture

    A group of dream researchers are calling for the regulation of commercial dream manipulation, so Jeff and Anthony take a look at whether we need to worry about brands incepting our dreams. Then, a new study suggests that human culture may be driving evolution faster than genetic mutations. Anthony and Jeff examine the ramifications of looking at global culture as the next evolutionary step. [more]

  • Math and BBQ

    Math is hard. So hard, in fact, that most humans would rather deal with nice round numbers than think about the ramifications of real data. Anthony and Jeff discuss Attribute Framing, and its impact on advertising and civil discourse. Then, Ron and Diana Watson in Witchita have eaten the same single meal every day for 15 years. Jeff and Anthony consider removing variables to such an extreme and whether it is a net positive for stress and anxiety. [more]

  • See Weed, Taste Bacon

    A research lab has apparently created a healthy seaweed superfood that tastes like bacon! ... Yeah, that sounds like total marketing speak to us, too. Anthony and Jeff discuss the whole concept of twisting marketing health and wellness to people and the science news community's tendency to jump on a catchy headline. [more]

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