Tag: 3d

  • Lightning Seen and Lightning Round

    Scientists have never been able to adequately explain where lightning comes from. Now the first detailed observations of its emergence inside a cloud have exposed how electric fields grow strong enough to create bolts. Jeff and Anthony step through how scientists have been able to record the spark of lightning. Then, Anthony starts his own lightning - a lightning round of headlines! Paralyzing rats, happiness from marriage, celebrity worship, sleeping in space, and more! [more]

  • Suicide Pods and Eating Plastic

    A 3D-printed capsule destined for use in assisted suicide hopes to de-medicalize the process in Switzerland. Jeff and Anthony discuss the idea of choosing when - and how - to die. Then, each American might ingest up to a credit card’s worth of plastic through food and water every week. Anthony and Jeff talk about how this happens and what it might be doing to us. [more]

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