Feels Like Forever

What’s more ethical: a life sentence in prison, or a drug that slows someone’s perception of time to make them feel like they’ve spent 10 life sentences in a day? The question was asked last year by an Oxford University professor, but isn’t the real question: if we could make a drug that let people do multiple lifetimes of thinking, why would we waste it on punishment instead of giving brilliant minds multiple lifetimes to solve human problems? Also what’s it like to feel like you have an itch for 1,000 years? 

[editor’s note: I came so close to calling this episode “ONE MILLION YEARS DUNGEON.” WHERE MY LEMONGRAB FANS AT???]

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Today’s story was submitted by d3vourm3nt:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10697529/Prisoners-could-serve-1000-year-sentence-in-eight-hours.html (original essay:  http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/2013/08/enhanced-punishment-can-technology-make-life-sentences-longer/)

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