Beard Science

(Sorry about the slight buzz in Anthony’s audio this week. OUR BAD)

A team of researchers injected human stem cells into mouse embryos. Just over two weeks later, the team had more mature mouse embryos that contained up to 4% human cells.  These cross-species hybrids, called chimeras, are the first time anyone has been able to create an animal that was made up of as many human cells as these mice. Anthony and Jeff talk about how much human is too human for animals, and whether they’d take a heart from a chimera.  

Then, a new study, published  in the journal Integrative Organismal Biology argues that beard hair could collectively diffuse the force of a blow and so may have evolved in response to the need to win male-male battles.  Jeff and Anthony, erstwhile beard growers themselves, discuss the usefulness of a beard in a fight, and whether the science bears out.



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