Cephalopods from Outer Space (LIVE from PAX 2015!)

Anthony has an irrational fear of octopi, the eight-armed denizens of the deep. And now, scientists have sequenced the octopus genome and discovered that their DNA is so different from any other creature on Earth that they could be qualified as “aliens”. As you might imagine, this makes Anthony completely lose it. Listen, then, as Jeff attempts to hold the show together in front of a live audience.

This episode was recorded LIVE at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle. Thanks to everyone who came out to the live performance!

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Today’s story was submitted by Brian Towns: http://www.irishexaminer.com/examviral/science-world/dont-freak-out-but-scientists-think-octopuses-might-be-aliens-after-dna-study-347880.html

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