Immortal Transfusion

Researchers in California are planning to treat Alzheimer patients by replacing their blood with blood of young people.  Even crazier, there is reason to believe it may work, since old mice have become healthier and more youthful when their circulatory systems carried the blood of younger mice.  This, combined with the story of a jellyfish that can reverse its aging process when sick or injured, has Anthony and Jeff pondering the possibility of immortality.  That, and the inevitable vampire grandpas who’ll be stealing young blood to live forever.


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  1. Mike

    Hey guys, great episode! Made me recall several related things.

    1) I read The Postmortal several years ago and I really enjoyed it. There are obviously many fictional stories that play around with this idea, but I really like the near-future feel of this one. Also, there was a woman who really loved how cute her baby was so she gave the baby the cure to aging. Now I am super creeped out when I hear people talking to babies in a baby-voice saying things like “Oh, you’re so cute! I wish you could stay this cute forever!”:

    2) You guys mentioned that “all body-parts age at the same rate. I remembered this study that went around awhile ago that suggested that this might not necessarily be the case. It suggests that some tissue systems have a different biological age. It was just one study though, and I haven’t heard much on the topic since:

    3) You mentioned that if people lived forever (or just a very long time) we might run out of room. I have read/watched several things that address that topic. For instance, see question 7 in this interview with Aubrey de Grey:

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